Outlander TV News and Callanish Stones pic

A new website devoted to the creation of the TV series based on the Outlander books has taken one of our images as its banner image.

About Outlander TV News | Outlander TV News.

Mhairi’s image of the Callanish stones on the Isle of Lewis is the banner image for the website.

standing stones across the top of a hill in black and white and heavt cloud in the background

One of the oldest and largest standing stones site anywhere is over 5,000 years into neolithic times. The Callanish stones on the Isle of Lewis. ©Mhairi Carroll 2013

The Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon has spawned a large following of people from around the world who love her depiction of mystical mixed with real Scottish heritage.

“From the moment Claire Randall accidentally steps through a magical stone in the centre of a Scottish stone circle that transports her back in time more than 200 years to 1743, and into the arms of Scottish soldier Jamie Fraser, readers have been enthralled with this epic saga of time travel, adventure, and love everlasting.”

We had never heard of these books but contributing a picture to this site has introduced us to something dearly loved by a large following of fans. If you want to know more start with this site – Outlander TV News.

The TV Series is being filmed in Scotland and will bring jobs and lots of interest in the fabulous wild countryside and ancient castles of Scotland.

About photographicviewscotland

Photographers of Scotland's landscape and remote places and arts and craft makers. Mhairi is also making needle felted animals under the name of the Woof in the Wool. We live in Abernethy in Perthshire, Scotland.
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2 Responses to Outlander TV News and Callanish Stones pic

  1. Elizabeth Krall says:

    Congratulations on the photo, and welcome to the world of Claire and Jamie. I’ve been a fan since the first book (which in the UK is known as Cross Stitch, for a reason I’ve never understood). My first thought was that is seemed odd to use a photo of a site on Lewis to illustrate the stones through which heroine Claire steps, which are an easy day’s journey (by horse) from Inverness. But it’s a great photo! (And, btw, the author’s name is spelled GabAldon, not GabEldon; you might want to fix that, though the underlying link is right.)

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, I have changed the spelling. Mhairi has ordered the book now that we are aware. Amazing how a whole series of books can pass you by. Its not like we don’t read and especially books set in Scotland. If you are going to have a picture of a stone circle – may as well use the best circle.

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